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China’s Three Gorges Dam:

A Flood of Controversy

For some, China’s Three Gorges Dam is an awe-inspiring symbol of Chinese progress, a glittering wonder that can be seen from space, and a magic bullet solving China’s spiraling need for power. For others, it is the symbol of all that has gone awry in man’s meddling with nature, an engine not of growth, but of out-of-control pollution, environmental degradation, and human misery.

In China’s Three Gorges Dam: A Flood of Controversy the Yangtze River itself speaks. Through the voice of the river this documentary film explores the increasing conflict between China’s economic and social development, and the limits of its natural resources and energy.

In a world where almost one-third of the air pollution of the West Coast can come from China, this dam has a global impact. This documentary film tells that story.

China’s Three Gorges Dam: A Flood of Controversy aired nationally on PBS and won a Bronze Telly.

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Age of the Mind

Age of the Mind is a fast-paced documentary film that traces the challenges of the first half of the 1960’s when America was at a tipping point.

From the governor’s Mansion in Florida, Governor Farris Bryant presided over a state reeling from changes. America reached for space at Cape Canaveral; held its breath through the Cuban missile crisis only 90 miles from Miami’s beaches; saw Camelot shatter with the assassination of President Kennedy; felt the economic and social impact of over half a million Cubans fleeing in search of freedom, largely to south Florida; sought to open advanced education for new generations of skills, and discovered freedom of movement for expanded commerce and tourism on new highway networks.

Age of the Mind reveals the never-before told story of how the Bryant Administration infiltrated both sides in the highly charged Civil Rights demonstrations in St. Augustine and used the information to derail the kind of violent conflict that marked civil rights protests in other states. It also tells how Governor Bryant refused Alabama Governor George Wallace’s plea to lead southern states in open defiance of new Federal Civil Rights Law.

This film reminds us of how things we take for granted now were rooted in the controversy and compromise of the 1960’s. And Governor Farris Bryant was there, leading the way to a new age. When he spoke to the Florida legislature he said, “The age of muscle is over and the age of mind is here.”

Age of the Mind aired on PBS in Florida and garnered a Bronze Telly.

The producers are currently working to make it available.

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